Active@ Partition Recovery

Active@ Partition Recovery 20.0

Retrieve the data from damaged partitions
Get back your files from partitions that have been accidentally deleted, damaged or corrupted by virus infections. The tool supports drives from multiple operating systems including Window, Linux, Unix and MacOS as well as external storage devices such memory cards, USB sticks, etc.

Active@ Partition Recovery is intended for the recovery of deleted and damaged partitions. Likewise, it can rescue files that were lost as a result of drive corruption. The tool supports recovering data from various types of file systems, such as FAT, exFAT, Ext4, HFS+, UFS, BtrFS, and NTFS. Similarly, it allows restoring partitions from backup images as well as repairing corrupted boot sectors.

The program supports two modes for detecting lost partitions. In this regard, QuickScan is able to detect only those partitions that were recently deleted, but it has the advantage of requiring very little time. However, if the intended partition cannot be found this way, you can still resort to SuperScan, which thoroughly explores the whole hard disk, takes much more time and generally succeeds in finding more deeply buried data. Fortunately, you can pause this process and save the results so far.

Depending on the degree of corruption of the volume, you can also choose between two different ways. In case the partition has not suffered any severe damage, you can use in-place recovery, which simply undeletes the lost files. Yet, in a less favorable scenario, it would be necessary to copy the recovered files to another location.

Luckily, the program also lets you act proactively. This way, it is possible to back up the selected drive before it becomes actually damaged. In most cases, this is a secure way to keep your important data safe from risks.

All in all, Active@ Partition Recovery can successfully help you recover accidentally lost files. In my opinion, it is oriented to experienced users; since most other similar tools are easier to use. The product can be tried at no cost and it is available in various editions: Standard, Professional, and Ultimate. It is a good idea to explore their features before deciding to purchase any of them.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports multiple file systems
  • Works on extremely severe conditions
  • Allows backing up entire drives
  • Creates bootable rescue disks


  • Harder to use than other similar software
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